Sunday, September 21, 2008

Song of the Week

This has been a nuts week so far.  I broke my nose Tuesday night at practice, went to the nose doctor Thursday, and have been just a general bum since.  Sorry.  But because no one reads this anyway, my guilt at not posting a Song of the Week on Thursday is wasted.

Anyway, I found this song a week or so ago while trying to relive lost summer moments.  I have only recently made up my mind about the summer jam "American Boy."  I like it.  When I like something, I tend to find out more and went hunting Estelle songs.  Then I found this gem (like jam, but better).  The silky motown beat and vocals are a welcome change to some harsher hip hop charts to come out this summer.  I hope this song makes it; it certainly has potential.  

A sense of "motown revivalism" is not necessarily a new thing.  Amy Winehouse tried it on a few of her songs but, and I am going to be candid here, I fucking hate Amy Winehouse.  I do not care about her doing coke on stage, she is a complete mess, and the media needs to let fade away so we don't have to glorify her crackwhore lifestyle anymore; the more publicity she gets, the cooler she becomes to kids.  And she sucks.  "Rehab" was overplayed and just annoying.  

But this is not about how I detest Winehouse; rather this is about my new-found love for Estelle.  Keep up the good work lady and keep bringing those sly British beats to this side of the Pond.

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