Monday, September 8, 2008

Oldie but Goodie Vol. 2

Ode to T.—P.—


I sit wishing you were here with me

O! for that I would give anything!

You my dear are White and Clean, filled with

Grace, compared to my filthy desire and lust for you

Without you in my life who would explore the void?

None other could be so bold, so strong, so daring

None other could work as well as you without

Destroying under the stress, coming to a horrible end.

Often I have found myself in praise

Of your ridges, like great snow-capped peaks

And low frost-covered pains

That dot your ivory surface

As a cushiony pillow of clouds is soft

So are you

And the patterns that weave about you

Designed by your maker

Just for me.

Praise be to your creator, He had great vision!

From necessity He created you

And gave you to me

And I need you

And I miss you,

My toilet paper dear.


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