Monday, September 15, 2008

Oldie but Goodie, Vol. 3

After saving The City for the umpteenth time, Our Hero

longs for something else.


Our Hero is jostled and suddenly bewildered while

The sharp cries of a baby waft through the morning air,

An airplane pilot safely brings his charge to the ground,

The deafening whirls of chainsaws break the calm 

                 of the forest morning

            And the animals scurry and flee for their lives.


Our Hero rolls deftly and swiftly from his back to his stomach while

            Someone has an out of body experience,

            An old man can't pee,

            A woman gives birth to a baby

            And neither knows the father.


Our Hero powerfully yet alone fights against this injustice while

            The chicken soup burns a patron's mouth,

            Rings and words join two people,

            A grandmother dies alone

But the television is still playing the game show.


Our Hero painfully but steadily extends his arm while

            A drowning ship finds its way into the deep blackblue,

            Two nonplussed hikers see Bigfoot,

            The twang and bump of the bed on the floor above

            Increases in intensity and slows, stops.


Our Hero skillfully manages to find the snooze button.


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