Thursday, September 4, 2008

Oldie but Goodie Vol. 1

With my old Fujitsu POS computer nearly done for and my Mac Word-less, I will be keeping my writings here for the future.  This way I can have them readily available when The New Yorker does their bio puff-piece on me. 

Also, looking back on old work makes me realize how bad it really is.  Blogs are so cathartic, I see why people love to talk on the internet.  Here everyone is an authority.  I am no exception.

Sum Ergo Sum.  or The Diabolical Dialectic 

    (I haven't decided).


The Snake has had a bum rap -

    He was not evil.

He was the freest character in

   King James' Cast.

Liberating and Liberated –


Then Someone got pissed.

   (After all, what good are

'Divine Laws' if they could be

   Thrown so idly away

Without Punishment?)


A bite (yum!) and Suddenly:

  Thesis!  Antithesis!  Sin this is!

And things would never be so good

   (Or so nude) again.


What's worse than finding a worm

   In your Apple?

Realizing that someday, they will eat you

   (The other half is irrelevant).



I'm a goddammed Ezra Pound.

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