Thursday, October 9, 2008

Song of the Week

This week's song might come as a surprise, considering my recent affinity for both "Ballroom Blitz" and my new favorite band Gaelic Storm. But for some reason or another, I've been listening to Vampire Weekend a lot recently. This song is just awesome. The simple beats and unassuming lyrics are, in typical VW fashion, ridiculously catchy. The guitar solo is so simple that it gives off an oh-I'm-so-sorry-that-guy-can't-even-play-his-instrument-type of vibe, while the whole time remaining entirely up-beat and positive. The general feeling of the song reminds me of British Sea Power, but much, much happier (and a whole lot better).
The video also does something to you. The internet tells me that it is a culmination of all the band members' asking to have their favorite childhood characters in a video, i.e.. cowboys, farmers, revolutionaries, hippies. But the video has two other favorites of mine going for it. The whole thing stinks of Wes Anderson influence and, considering he is one of my favorite directors because of his attention to detail, that an obvious boon for the band. The second aspect of the video is that it is filmed in entirely one shot. One shot takes or long shots in movies always seem to resonate; there is a feeling of realism in them that only comes across from knowing that these actors, if only for a few minutes, have totally become the characters they are portraying. Children of Men does this wonderfully well and there is a Russian movie (the name of which escapes me) that is filmed in one long take. A single, hour-and-a-half-long shot. No one messes up. Almost gives you hope that you won't mess up in your eighty-year-long single take. THINK ABOUT IT MAN!

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