Monday, October 20, 2008

Oldie but Goodie, Vol. 6

Who are we without our past? And I'm running out of decent material.

Pressing Issues

I find that the things I possess
Are often forgotten
Yet the things misplaced
Never leave me alone

The keys under the couch
The rent past due
The Brita filter
In need of a change

There are the fish that need feeding
The wine that needs drinking
The paper that needs writing
Though the research is lacking

Yet they all sink into the blue
As I lie here looking at the
Now-familiar ceiling
Of your teal room


You're Playing Video Games While Sitting On My Bed

The lingering sunlight though the dull grey clouds

.....Paints your chest thought the sloping neckline

With the most perfect light to incite




I find that a drunken fight is like
A vase on top of a pedestal that,
...While walking through the museum,
You bump with your hip.
And though nearly priceless
.....You keep going,

Both you and companion not knowing,
Until the stunned, pre-warned, class-tripping children

Witness the crash.


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