Monday, February 9, 2009

A List of Memorable Places I Have Thrown Up Because I Was Either Sick or Drunk

1. My first bedroom (sick)
2. My second bedroom (sick)
3. The hall to the bathroom in my parent's house (sick)
4. The bathroom in my parent's house (drunk)
5. Tina's bed (drunk)
6. Wolfe Two men's room (drunk)
7. Wolfe Two women's room (drunk)
8. Off the back porch into a birdbath at Brian Ave for Rugby Rookie Day (drunk)
9. The Wasteland, or TCNJ's famed Rugby House. Sites include: basement, my bedroom there, outside, the second floor bathroom (drunk)
10. The Octagon backyard (drunk)
11. Off the fire escape outside my bedroom in The Thunderdome (drunk)
12. My bedroom and the bathroom in The Thunderdome (sick and drunk)
13. On my ex-girlfriend (sick and hilarious)
14. Billy Donovon's downstairs bathroom (drunk)
15. Outside the Windmill in Red Bank in front of the large window and a man eating his dinner (drunk)


Emily said...

That's a lot of vomit.

Dr. Chim Richalds said...

it did take 23 years and a lot of practice to get there