Monday, August 25, 2008

This is What I Get to Deal With Everyday at Work

Cleaning my desk/table in my room I found, very Indiana Jones-esquely (the dust that I blew off of it looked like snow), my pocket journal of quotes from the students last school year. 
The following are some of the highlights.

-We were learning about pirates in history!
-Yeah!  12% were Mexican and they had hard lives and they were farmers and had to move cows and...
-I think you mean 'cowboys.'

-What does 'paltry' mean?
-Chicken?  No, small or inferior.
-Like small chicken?

-Did you wrote it?

-What if Mr. Russ became a zombie?  He'd be like the biggest zombie.
-No stupid!  Don't you know Mr. Russ can't die?

-When I pop the collar in my varsity jacket I feel like a vampire.

-I will give you an A if you get sterilized.  - a teacher

-Without school dances, our school would be like a t-Rex at a vegetarian convention.  -from a persuasive essay

-Bowling is one of the oldest world sports.
-Yeah, they had it on the Flintstones.

-Why is Perrulat's job, delivering letters in the Yukon, so important?
-How else are all those letters going to get to Santa?

-Does spelling count?
-It's a true/false test.

And now, an original poem by one of my students:

The Difference Between Penguins and Turkeys

Penguins weeble
Penguins wobble
But they don't go, "Gobble gobble."
Penguins can't fly very high
But at least they don't get
  Served with pie.

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